Running is the best exercise, One study showed that the person who runs 50 miles in one week increase more HDL than others.

Run 5-10 miles every day for 5-10 minutes can reduce the risk of death due to all the reasons.

By doing this you can add 3 to 7 years to your life. It can improve your mental and physical fitness.

We all know that this is a great way to get into proper shape, but it can also benefit for every part of your body.

Running is never too late to start, as many people who take up the sports, they also do so in their ages of the 50s and 60s.

Top Beneficial tips of Running

Buy good shoes


A very important tip is that you should buy the right shoes for running. If you do not have the right shoes than running can be tough for you and even you injured yourself.

Warm up before start running


Always do warm up for a short time before you start running. Warm up makes your veins open, due to this your body and mind are ready for exercise and activity. And it makes your running easy.

Right body posture


While you running either any park or treadmill always keep in your mind that you have to be in the right posture.

The wrong posture of your body while running can be harmful to you instead of good.

It can cause pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. Keep your spine straight, do not raise your shoulders, and keep your elbows out.

Maintain a safe speed

In the beginning, starts running at such speed that you do not have trouble. Beginners should increase their speed gradually.

Frequently increasing speed of running can make you tired and harm your body.

Run, Walk, Run


If you are beginners, then run a bit and walk for a while. This will help your body add the habit of exercise.

As you move forward, increase running time and reduce walking time.

If you increase your speed suddenly, instead of little, your body will not get used to exercising and you will get tired quickly.

Breathe well

While you running make sure you are breathing well. You should also breathe through the mouth along with your nose.

This helps you to get enough oxygen for your muscles and also helps to strengthen your lungs.

One of the best breathing exercises is that ‘breathe in for two steps, breathe out for three steps.’

Running upward


Racing upwards known for keeping you fit and enhances your body’s strength and your stamina.

You only have to run with short steps while pumping your arms and While going downhill, stroll for a long time and relax your arms.

Listen to your body

Always remember, that it is very important to listen to your body. If your body gets tired or sore, stop the exercise and take your body rest to recover for the next day

Run naked foot


It is very good to walk barefoot on grass for acupressure points on our feet and heel. It helps to cure various diseases and acne.

However, be careful because you might be hurt feet by gravel in the grass.

One thing you can do is either walk lightly or jogging instead of running.

More try to run on sand


Doing it on the sand can improve the strength of your muscles. The study says that to run on sand,

1.6 times more energy is needed than a run on the treadmill or in the park.

This is because your body needs to work hard to deal with the soft surface.

Top Benefits of Running

Decreases your Belly Fat


Running is a great way to reduce your bulging stomach.

It helps to strengthen trans-fat abdominis, erector spine and core muscles that help in tone and sucking in your stomach.

Apart from this, the layer on the muscles is thrown away, so your stomach looks torn and flat.

Helps to stay Your Heart Healthy

According to an article published in sports medicine clinics that running gives a positive effect on the heart.

Helps in decreasing the risk of heart diseases.

Safe and slow jogging on the road or treadmill helps to heart work properly and mobilize the fat.

Best workout for weight loss


Running is the best workout for weight loss. It helps to burn calories faster.

It works on both small and large muscle groups, internationals scientists’ study has proved that the running is more effective than walking on weight loss.

Fight Depression

As stated by WHO (world health organization). Approximately 300 million people of any age are suffering from depression.

Scientists’ studies show that running can encourage the release of serotonin (the feel-good hormone).

It is as effective as the treatment of psychotherapy of depression.

Strengthens the Bones and Joints


It helps strengthen bones and joints. Several studies have found that to increase the strength of bones and joints, nothing compares the fastest effect of running on increasing the strength of bones and joints.

It also reduces the risk of osteoarthritis and hip replacement and improves the strength of the intervertebral disc.

Relieves Stress

Whenever you feel tired, stop all the work and run at least 20 to 30 minutes finely.

When you will stop, you will feel very fresh your stress will be the vanish.

It helps improve your nature, due to which your mood gets better and you can face any problem with a smiley face and you take decision better.

Prevents from cold


According to national sports medicine study, people who do any activity like aerobics at least 4 days in a week they suffered 50% lesser from several infections.

Just like if the runners catch a cold, they have less effect of cold.

If you have a normal cold, then start running, along with cold, many diseases will stay away.

Good Dose of Vitamin D


By the running, at early in the morning you get the proper sunlight which will give you proper vitamin D.

Which is important for your skin, bones, and immunity. Due to low sunlight, your body begins to lose vitamin D.

Which can also cause skin cancer. So, get up early in the morning and run. You will get the dose of your vitamin D.

Which will help you stay energetic and fresh for the rest of the day.

Add more time in your Life

A scientific study proves that running helps in preventing several diseases like heart disease, fever, allergies. Also decrease the risk of depression, diabetes, and stress and improves the function of the brain. It keeps you away from the causes of death and diseases.

You do not need any stuff, special suit, any gadget to run, you just need only the right shoes. You can run any time anywhere no matter its morning, evening or night. If you feel stressed or depressed just start run don’t think its morning or night.

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